Quiénes somos


Since 1991 we are a company that takes part in the market of the national and international industry.

With more than 20 years of experience in industries and specialized in the automation, we form a philosophy of work with efficiency, creativity, determination and productivity.

Teamwork, thinks about the client as an operative partner is our premise to manage and to overcome the main goals.

An environment of nice work, respect for the people, professional integrity and self-determination, they are the values that stimulate our personnel.


To be recognized in this excellent market and quality. We consolidate our position as the number one automation company. Always maintaining a close agreement to our client and offering solutions.


We know our virtues and understand the needs of the client, for this it is that we offer an integral service with specialized advice, including engineering, installation, putting in march, training, and maintenance post sale.

Our spirit leads us to work with investigation and commitment in every project.

Developments ST

Feasibility, investigation and developments

Security system

and national defence, pólice, to patrol, war tank, computers, direct shooting center and planes.

Navigation control

and propulsión for navel ships


Corrective preventive and predictive maintenance.

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